Representing yourself in court does not mean you're alone

Taking the fear out of court

We are a non-profit organization of lawyers, law students, and teachers who help people learn about the legal system so that--although they cannot afford an attorney--they can still protect what is dear to them.

  • Learn the system

    Half the battle is understanding the system

  • Learn how to write and speak

    We teach practical skills like legal writing and speaking in court

  • Don't be afraid anymore

    We take the fear out of the court process

Our Team

Incredible lawyers, law students, and others make the Pro Se Boot Camp a reality

Joe Regalia

Joe started pro se boot camp. He is an attorney and law professor. He believes strongly that everyone can navigate the legal system.

Patrick Barry

Patrick is an attorney and professor.

Susie Park

Director of Finance and Marketing
Susie brings her experience with marketing and team building.

Erin Gettel

Lawyer Teacher

Rami Hernandez

Teacher Director


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